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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love animals? Cool ways to volunteer with them in Boston!

Check out these cool ways to volunteer with animals in Boston. The one thing that I have learned from volunteering to work with animals in the past is to BE PATIENT. These organizations are inundated with applications because these volunteer positions are so popular and some of the volunteer positions require an orientation session or several training seminars. It's all worth it though because you get to help animals!

Volunteer at the New England Aquarium. My friend, Mary-Kate, volunteers at the New England Aquarium and she loves it! Volunteers do all sorts of things, like even scuba-dive in the tanks to help clean rocks and take care of the sea creatures.

Become a Museum of Science Butterfly Garden Volunteer. Volunteers in the Museum of Science Butterfly Garden (which if you have not been to the Museum of Science, I highly recommend you check out! It's a really cool place with tons of awesome exhibits.) answer questions on butterfly identification after receiving training. This helps educate and teach people about butterflies in Boston. Pretty cool.

Animal Rescue League of Boston. Volunteers at Animal Rescue League of Boston volunteer with direct animal care, animal socialization and general administrative support. No matter what your volunteer position if you volunteer with Animal Rescue League of Boston, you will be touching the lives of animals-- whether directly or indirectly.

MSPCA Boston Adoption Center cares for over 6,000 animals annually and are available 365 days a year. The organization relies on volunteers for everything from cat cuddling to cage cleaning. 

Why do you love working with animals? Have you volunteered with these organizations or organizations like this? Tell me about your experience.

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