It's more than just you. Discussing real issues and ways you can do your part right here in Boston.


  • In Search of Flavor
    • Features amazing vegetarian recipes! Remember-- try and make one vegetarian meal a week. It can really help the impact on the environment.
  • The Green Samaritan
    • Great Blogger! Love the tips about how to be green everyday.
  • Oscio
    • This blog features various non-profit campaigns and other fun things. I love this blog!
  • Skip A Lunch
    • This blog has some really cool ideas about how to help people all around the world with just a few dollars or a few minutes. I really like his style: "I spend $10 every time I frequent Starbucks, so why shouldn't I skip one lunch or cinnamon dolce latte and help save a child. I did. Will you?"
  • Everyday Giving Blog
    • Discusses ways to give every day to different causes and non-profits.
  • Boston University Community Service Center Blog
    • I am an active member of the Boston University Community Service Center. Check out their blog! It's awesome :)
  • Have Fun, Do Good!
    • Ideas, Inspiration, & Interviews for fun loving do-gooders!